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Joanna Ageborn


With her background as a fine art painter, Joanna Ageborn refreshes ideas continually and breathes inspiration from the diversity of the creative people she meets.


Her passion for painting, curiosity and a creative mind, have inspired her to develop an interest in the art of creating character makeup. 

With her artistic eye she has the ability to translate elaborate concepts into reality.


Born and raised in Sweden, she has lived more than two decades in Stockholm, London, Amsterdam and Berlin

With her highe education in Fine Arts with honours from Amsterdam and London she qualified as a BA Honours artist and went on to fulfil a prolific career as an accomplished artist in Sweden.

In 2013 Joanna moved to Berlin and after a privileged attendance at Chicocihan Academy she qualified with a distinction in hair and makeup design.

She is now a sought after artist and designer in television,film production and editorial fashion work

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